Meet the Team

Our Community Engagement work is carries out by our Community Relationship Manager and a team of 3 Community advocates with strong links into our communities

Shaun Kelly – Community Relationship Manager

Before joining TWFRS, Shaun has had a wide range of experience of working with diverse communities and hard to reach groups.  He previously worked for the charity Samaritans  and his role there involved him working with many vulnerable groups including young people, the homeless, people in prisons and diverse communities in Central London. Shaun also put together all of the charity’s publicity and advertising for the London area.

Shaun’s role as Community Relationship Manager looks at our focus as an organisation in engaging with under-represented groups, to advance Community Safety and promote the Service as an employer of choice.  He works closely with our Community Safety Advocates to develop our Community Engagement Strategy to ensure the Authority consults and communicates effectively with all diverse communities throughout the Tyne and Wear area.

Mehrban Sadiq

Mehrban has worked for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) for over 7  years.  During this time he has had a significant impact on the Service’s ability to reach out to a diverse range of communities.   

Mehrban has made an outstanding contribution to TWFRS mission and values and there are multiple examples which demonstrate the difference this has made to vulnerable communities.   

  •  Mehrban has had a key role, working with staff and partners on a number of initiatives to build relationships between the fire service and hard to reach communities. These include:

    • Assisting in the design and delivery of an ‘Introduction to Islam’ course for Service staff

    • Assisting in the formulation of the TWFRS Safe Ramadan campaigns which have been run successfully for the past 4 years. 

    • The design and delivery of TWFRS Hotshots campaign – designed to teach fire safety to young people from hard to reach groups through football.

    • Creating links with local Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Chinese and other community groups 

    • Working with Business Fire Safety Staff on making Sikh temples and mosques safer.  

  • Mehrban has embraced equality across all protected characteristics.  He frequently supports our work around LGBT inclusion, attending Pride and supporting LGBT conferences.  He also works with older people’s groups, those with learning disabilities and people with sight, hearing loss and other physical disabilities.

Mehrban is a long time member and supporter of AFSA executive board, having been a board member for the last 3 years and is proactive in helping the Service to manage and maintain links with the organisation as well as contributing to national conferences.   

Mehrban is an asset to TWFRS.  He is a dedicated professional and enthusiastic member of staff who has gone out of his way time and time again to ensure that TWFRS has a diverse outlook and a positive image.  His work has been recognised externally as excellent and evaluation demonstrates positive equality and diversity outcomes. 

Mohammed Zaman 

Mohammed is a resident of Newcastle and has worked for TWFRS as a community safety advocate for the last three years and is based out of Newcastle South Community Fire Station.

Mohammed works with communities all over the Tyne and Wear area, and uses his extensive experience of community work to engage with a wide variety of groups and communities in the local area. He is also very interested in youth initiatives and supporting engagement with young people.

Laila Abdullah 

Laila has been a pro-active member of the Arabic community in South Tyneside for over 29 years and has worked as a Community Advocate for TWFRS for the last four years.

Laila works extensively over our five districts with a diverse mix of groups from BME backgrounds, asylum seekers, refugees and people with disabilities.

Louise Coulthard - Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Louise has worked for TWFRS for six years and is based at the Service Headquarters in Washington. She is responsible for the coordination of the TWFRS volunteer programme.  Her role as Community Engagement Co-ordinator is to focus on the delivery of community engagement activities organising, coordinating and facilitating events and initiatives to promote and deliver the volunteer programme/work of the Service.

Louise works with all areas of Tyne and Wear establishing links with the community and partners/organisations to enable the delivery of the Volunteer Programme.