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Induction and training

When you join TWFRS you will receive a half day induction session which outlines the volunteer role, what is expected from volunteers, what volunteers can expect from TWFRS and presentations regarding health and safety and equality and diversity. 

Volunteers also receive a half day fire safety training session at SafetyWorks! which is our interactive safety centre based at West Fifteen, Whickham View, Newcastle, NE15 6UN. 

Uniform and ID badge

All volunteers are issued with an ID badge and the following uniform items:

  • Navy polo shirt with badge identifying you as a TWFRS Volunteer

  • Navy trousers

  • Black safety shoes

  • Black belt


The Community Engagement Co-ordinator will be your main point of contact. They will inform you of any available events and provide feedback on your chosen activities. They will also be available to discuss any problems or issues you may have. 


You will be entitled to claim out of pocket expenses for travel incurred whilst carrying out your volunteer duties. 


All volunteers are covered by TWFRS’ insurance policy while on any Fire Service property or engaged in any task on behalf of TWFRS. To ensure that you have adequate insurance cover, it is important that you follow the guidelines of your role. It must be stressed that the insurance policy will only cover an individual if they adhere to their role and responsibilities. 

Health and Safety

Tyne and Wear’s health and safety policy will cover volunteers.  

Valuing equality and diversity

TWFRS values equality and diversity and have a policy which applies to paid staff and volunteers. Volunteers are expected to understand and commit to this policy.