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Bonfires and Fireworks Night - Education Resources for Teachers

Every year almost 500 children and young people in the North of England are hurt by the misuse of fireworks or through bonfires. We obviously want this to significantly reduce, until no child is injured through a firework or a bonfire.

Our research shows that we need to provide children with the information they need to stay safe. And the most effective messages are those seen and heard in schools.  From this section you can download resources developed by us and aimed at Key Stage 3 pupils.

We work to reduce firework related crime; anti-social behaviour and to prevent injuries - especially over the Bonfire period. As in previous years our Prevention and Education teams will be visiting schools to give short assembly talks - emphasising the consequences of illegal bonfires and fireworks misuse.

For those schools we are unable to attend, we have made materials available to download for anyone wishing to use them.

We anticipate both the half term week and the weekend of 5th November will be particularly busy times for illegal bonfires and fireworks misuse and we would recommend that materials be utilised close to these key times. 

Please also take a look at our campaign materials for posters and a documentary video. 

 Bonfire Night Teacher Downloads