Escape Plan

Fire can develop and spread quickly through your home, producing heat and large amounts of dense smoke and fumes.  A working smoke alarm can give you an important early warning but you will only have minutes to escape. Escaping is a lot easier if you have planned an escape route and everyone knows where to go and what to do. 

It is important to follow five basic principles;  

  • SHOUT FIRE – make sure everyone knows exactly what is happening 
  • GET OUT – leave the building as quickly and calmly as possible through the nearest safe exit
  • SHUT THE DOOR – shut the doors which you pass through to help prevent the spread of the fire

Watch the Video

  • CALL 999 – use a mobile or a neighbour’s phone and call the Fire and Rescue Service
  • STAY OUT – don’t go back for anything the fire fighters can do it quicker and more effectively.

Tips for your escape plan

  • The best escape route is your normal way in and out of your home

  • Think of any difficulties you may have getting out, for example in the middle of the night

  • Choose a second escape route in case the first one is blocked

  • Keep both escape routes clear of things that might get in the way

  • You may be able to escape out of the window if you're on the ground floor

  • If you're on the first floor you should only do this as a last resort when you are in immediate danger.

  • You should cushion your fall with bedding or cushions and lower yourself before dropping