If Trapped by a Fire

Excuses Kill Poster
Excuses Kill Poster

If you are trapped by a fire in your home try to stay calm and raise the alarm. If possible get everyone together in one room with a phone or an opening window and call the Fire and Rescue Service or shout to alert people. 

If you are higher than the ground floor, do not climb out of the window. Use bedding or clothing to block the bottom of the door and stop some of the smoke from getting into the room.

The Fire and Rescue Service should be with you in 4-5 minutes and the door should hold back the fire for 15 minutes. Stay together in the room close to an open window if possible until you are rescued. 

If it becomes unbearable in the room and you feel you have to get out, open the window as wide a possible, or if it does not open smash it using something sharp in the corner, then drop small soft things like clothing out to cushion your landing. Do not jump;   

  • Look – out of the window 

  • Lean - over to make sure nothing is in the way

  • Lower - yourself from the window sill to reduce the drop.