Rules and Regulations

As a public sector organisation the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has to adhere to both its own Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and any procurement legislation.  The procurement rules which TWFRS need to adhere to are dependant upon the expected value of the purchase.  The threshold in which this expected value of purchase falls determines the procurement procedures that are required to be followed to be in line with rules and regulations imposed.  TWFRS ensure all current agreements, implemented either by themselves or on their behalf by regional and national organisation, are thoroughly investigated before purchasing from a non contractual agreement. 

Whilst current thresholds are not flexible the values are amended over time. 

Current Thresholds   

Up to £20,000

TWFRS may enter into an agreement for the purchase of goods and services up to a value of £20,000 having due regard for the need to obtain value for money through encouraging competition.  Competition will be encouraged by quotation requests from suppliers.  Records detailing how value for money was achieved will be held.   

Between £20,000 and £50,000

At least four written quotations will be sought from suppliers.  The quotations will be evaluated in terms of identifying which offer is seen as most economically advantageous to TWFRS.  Where applicable requirements will be advertised on TWFRS website, Bluelight e-tendering system and Contracts Finder.

Between £50,000 and £164,175

TWFRS shall enter into a tender procedure for the purchase of goods and service of this value.  Any requirement will be advertised on TWFRS website, Bluelight e-tendering system and Contracts Finder.

Over £164,175 (Current EU Procurement Public Sector Threshold)

TWFRS are required to comply with all legislation relating to the EU Procurement guidelines.  Tenders will be advertised within the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU TWFRS website, Bluelight e-tendering system and Contracts Finder.

All tenders are invited and returned via the Bluelight e-tendering system for which details can be found at the Bluelight web-site.  All tenders will be allocated a pre determined evaluation criteria designed to identify the most economically advantageous tender proposal.

 For further information relating to OJEU and EU Procurement please visit the OJEC web-site.